What is Sexting? A Guide to the Guilty Pleasures, Pains & Risks

sexting australiaWe are living in the modern era of technology where everything can be done in an instant. Communication plays a very important role in our everyday lives and technology has greatly affected in how we communicate with our friends and loved ones. Mobile phones are quite popular and almost everyone have one for their own. This helps keep the communication going regardless of time and place. Social media networking has also allowed people to communicate with their close or distant friends over different computers. All of this leads to a quick exchange of messageswhich can be sent in a manner of seconds. With that said, there are hidden dangers to the technologies that we are benefitting greatly today. Sexting for example, is quite rampant and popular particularly to teens and many are quite intrigued about it. So, what is sexting?

Introduction to Sexting

Many find it an enjoyable habit to post pictures of themselves, family and friends over the internet. This is quite apparent across almost all social media networking sites – indeed Facebook was originally developed as a photo-sharing platform. Having tonnes of likes and attention can greatly impact one’s overall confidence making you feel very much proud and accomplished. This level of affection however, can go to an extreme particularly when revealing pictures and posts are involved. This is where sexting takes place though it is done in a more private and intimate manner. Sexting involves sending sexy texts or images to your recipients. Be it a friend, confidant, or a lover, sending these types of words or images are associated with the practice of “sexting”.

The Guilty Pleasures Behind Sexting

With regards to sexting, a lot of individuals feel that their bodies are fully appreciated when they send every ounce of detail to someone in a form of images or texts. This gives a feeling of reassurance that one is indeed beautiful in the eyes of their recipients.With that said, as the conversation goes on, your recipient may wish for one to take more and more photos leading to unreasonable demands and pleas. Also, the feeling of euphoria doesn’t last that long once the feeling of doubts and uncertainties slowly sets in

The Dangers and Risks

Sexting can prove to be very problematic for both individuals who are engage in the conversation. For the sender, the risk of their pictures being sent to others is a looming everyday threat. There are also cases where such images are used to blackmail someone in doing something they refuse to do. On the recipient’s end, having naked or semi-naked pictures of someone under 18 can get you into trouble with the authorities as this is considered to be a criminal offence. The act of forwarding them even though the original copy is already deleted still results to a criminal offence.

Modern technologies can be used for the greater good of the people but they can also do a great deal of harm when not used properly. Consider the risk and dangers of sexting before deciding to engage in such practice.